IF NOT NOW… THEN WHEN? Let's work furloughed government employees!

For those furloughed government employees affected by the government shutdown, reframe the energy around this time as a confirmation to begin working on the creative ideas that you have not moved on yet, whether that is because of anxiety, timing, or fear. This is the time to create a new income stream and tap into the creative or entrepreneurial spirit that is within you. 

Let’s chat about how we can make your next great idea come to life. How I can help:

  1. I am offering FREE DISCOVERY CALLS to help you think through and develop that business idea, creative offering, or product you have been thinking about but have not moved on yet! 

  2. In addition, I am offering DISCOUNTS ON MY LOGO DESIGN SERVICES AND BRANDING BUNDLE PACKAGES for those furloughed government employees.

Let’s manifest those ideas and begin the conversation: https://calendly.com/shawnjmoore/discoverycall

Shawn Moore