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Design and Align

Good design should be innovative, simplistic, thorough, and focused. But above all, good design should ALIGN your creative ideas with your purpose and strengths. 

As a creative consultant, my process is designed to not only create an impactful visual identity, but also help you clarify your brand vision and strengthen your brand’s foundation, for a more HOLISTIC, STRENGTHS-BASED APPROACH to branding and graphic design. 

I take the client’s ideas and bring the design to life!

Creative Services Offered:


My Process

I lean into a mindfulness-based approach to graphic design and creative work:

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Setting the intention and grounding ourselves in the need of the project is a must!

First, I’ll ask you to collect visual inspiration and complete my Design Alignment Forms to ensure we’re creating from a place of strategy, meaning, and alignment. Then we’ll connect (via phone or in-person depending on your location) to discuss the direction of your project, explore your motivation and what you envision for your new visual brand, and outline our overall visual direction. 



This is the time I use for creative thinking and brainstorming to explore ideas, moving from idea to tangible design.

This step may include sketching in a notebook or on scraps of paper, trying out ideas, collaging elements together on the computer,  and mind-mapping with the content we discussed in conjunction with information provided from your Design Alignment Form. These ideas are merged, tweaked, refined, and changed until a final concept is ready to be presented to you for review within the designated window of time. 


I encourage clients to sit with and reflect on the design, to ensure it matches the intention set at the beginning of the project.

As a designer, I encourage clients to join me in checking the design for type detailing, uniform spacing, spelling errors, and consistent use of color in this reflection space. We’ll work collaboratively to refine your design, incorporating some  fine-tuning here and there. Color adjustments, new font style ideas and image variations are all part of the process to ensure an end result that will suit your style and your brand needs. The best final products will come when we reflect and collaborate.



After honing in on a design that speaks to your unique brand needs and satisfying the remaining project balance, we will close out on your project.

Depending on what I’ve designed on your project, you will have different types of resources to take with you  in the form of  print and web optimized formats. My assistance in your creative and branding growth does not end here, as I am available to consult, coach, and design more for your creative growth.


Creative Services FAQs

Below you can find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about creative design services.


"What do you need from me as the client to start the project?"

A completed Design Alignment Brief providing details on the project, the paid non-refundable deposit, and any relevant files. All components must be submitted to the designer in order to begin the project.

"I need something yesterday. Can you help me?"

Sometimes you need something designed yesterday! I can usually accommodate your rush job depending on how full my production schedule is. There will be a non-refundable rush fee (depending on the package you desire) applied the design project deposit. It generally takes a 10-14 business day turnaround for the first draft of any design. The rush fee ensures you will receive the first draft within 7 business days. Please note, in order to get the most out of this process, it is encouraged to allow the normal turnaround time, as well as space for reflection and collaboration.

"What types of payment do you accept?"

All payments and transactions are accepted through PayPal and Cash App only.

How do you deliver the completed design project?

Upon payment of the remaining balance, your design project will be delivered by email or Google Drive, depending on the file size. Files on the Google Drive should be saved on your own personal computer within 30 days, as they are removed to free up additional space.

"What formats do I receive for logo files?"

You'll receive the logo in following formats (suitable for print and digital use):

  • Digital Use (JPG, PNG) 

  • Print Use (PDF, EPS, AI) 

If you need the files in another formats/size then please let me know and I will provide those to you at an additional cost.

"What if I need additional changes after you have delivered my final design project?"

It is important to thoroughly review the design, including, text, to ensure it is as you desired. Once the design is approved and the remaining balance is paid, additional revisions can be made (starting at $35) in case you need any changes in the project.

"Does it matter whether my designer is in the same city?"

It depends on your comfort zone and how good the designer is about responding to you in a timely manner. It is my goal to provide stellar customer services in fulfilling your needs.  I have done projects with many clients across the United States, from the West Coast to the East Coast.  While most of the communication is done via email, I am more than willing to chat with clients over the phone or Skype as needed. 

For those folks in ATL, let’s meet for some coffee and chat design!

"How much input do I have?"

The goal is to provide creative and effective representation of your business/event/company, whether it is a logo design or print design.  The Design Alignment Form is your opportunity to provide as much detail about your vision as possible.  It is my goal as the graphic designer and creative consultant to bring your vision to life. The goal is to strike a delicate balance of your vision and creativity and my vision and creativity based on the information you provided.

Do keep in mind, some people have the wrong idea thinking they must tell us exactly what they want right down to the last detail. By doing that, you are not making the most of the professional creative services that I provide or the money you are investing!