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Episode 071 | Navigating Glass Ceilings and Living a Leadership Lifestyle with Natalie Rochelle, CEO and Founder, NR Media Agency, LLC.

IG: @theenatalierochelle

Twitter: @entreprenuher


Guest Bio:

Since 2011, Natalie Rochelle has been a Marketing and Branding expert. Upon graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Marketing, she expanded her skills in radio broadcasting, journalism, photography, public relations, new millennial marketing, business management, and adverting by becoming a marketing guru for aspiring entrepreneurs and small businesses. 

After experiencing corporate glass ceiling discrimination, she made it her mission to start her women empowerment organization Bizness Babe Army to create a strong group of women who are corporate workers that believe that women can and will do the same job as men despite their biological and physical differences. While realizing her worth and her potential, in 2017 she started her digital media LLC, NR Media Agency, as a full-time entrepreneur, where she is designing and executing brand collateral for her small business clients. She diligently and strategically works with clients who are wanting to start a business or develop on-target content for their brand.

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Episode 070 | Exploring Discipline and Focus Every Day with Adric Samuel, Yoga Instructor and Entrepreneur

IG: @adricdoesyoga


Guest Bio:

Adric Samuel is from Decatur, Ga, he is the Son of Donna Samuel & Adric Samuel. Adric built a clothing brand in 2013 called Huda Guru, the name meaning right guidance. After creating that concept he was led on a journey to continue bettering himself every day;  along his journey, he found yoga, which helped him develop discipline. As a registered yoga instructor, he now want to give his efforts to those around him, helping them find awareness in themselves. 

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