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Episode 081 | Ego, Confidence, and the Empowerment in Choice with H. Cosmo Palmer, Athlete, Artist, Yogi, and Founder of C.L.O.U.D.S.

IG: @howardcosmopalmer & @ogparkour


Born and raised in Jamaica in 1980, Cosmo was diagnosed with a bad heart. He received two open heart surgeries  before he left. One was to save his life, the other to resolve a stroke and possible heart failure before the age of 5. He moved to the US in 1988. Meeting his mother, father and sister for the first time, was also the start of this journey. From Florida to Georgia and now Colorado, Cosmo continued to cultivate his creative passions to seek self expression and identity, whether that’s as a Parkour Athlete, Artist, Yogi, Meditation practitioner, or creator of C.L.O.U.D.S., an acronym that represents Consciousness Leaping Over Unknown Dimensions in Space.

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