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Episode 079 | Shifting Perspectives through Gratitude, Happiness, and Legacy with Clarence Gabriel, Photographer and Storyteller

IG: @ClarenceGabriel


As a storyteller and photographer, Clarence is a city guy with a curiosity and passion to find and tell beautiful and creative stories. The camera is his medium and the images are his words.

He began shooting photography in 2014, to unlock his creative juices, capturing architectural details in Downtown, Los Angeles, CA. Inspired by the works of Peter Lindbergh, Jean-Paul Goude and Annie Leibovitz, Clarence has come to find his voice in portrait and lifestyle, among others.

Clarence believes that when you choose to stand in front of the camera it becomes an experience - an exchange of energy. He makes it his job to capture your story in a way that is beautiful and timeless. It happens when he and his client come to a mutual place of trust. That is when the magic is made. Whether it is celebratory, intimate or vulnerable, it is always beautiful. IT IS ALWAYS BEAUTIFUL.

Clarence holds a Bachelors of Science in Business Administration, with an emphasis is Marketing.

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