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Recent presentations and workshops

human rights campaign hbcu leadership institute | november 10, 2018 | atlanta, ga

Reframing the Meaning of Leadership in Action

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Recent presentations and workshops

dragon con Comics and Popular Arts Conference | september 2, 2018 | atlanta, ga

Unpacking Marvel's Secret Empire: Hope, Resistance, Power In American Culture Reflected In Marvel's ‘Nonpolitical’ Event Arc

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department of student life lunch & learn series | March 1, 2018 | morehouse college

GETTING GRAPHIC: Learning the Basics of Graphic Design and Visual Communication

Getting Graphic is a workshop the provides hands-on opportunity to understand basic design principles conceptually and learn to apply them practically to your graphic design practice! 

Thank you for attending this workshop! 

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FREE Design Resources

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Georgia Resident Assistant Saturday Seminar | January 27, 2018 | gordon state college

Creating Super Heroes Within Your Community: Tips on Creating Authentic Relationships with your Residents

Creating Super Heroes Within Your Community is an interactive workshop that will provide participants with an opportunity to discuss strategies in inclusive community building, with a focus on programming and other intervention techniques to cultivate community leaders and bring out the super heroes in the residents they serve. 

Thank you for attending this workshop! 

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Handout 1: How Well Do You Know Your Residence?

Handout 2: 5 Strategies | 10 Signs



Past Workshops & Presentations


Embrace Your Story: Bridging your identity to your Leadership Trajectory

Life is experiential—and considering that college is a microcosm of society, it is important to weave underrepresented experiences into the thread of our HBCU’s. All of our stories as members of the LGBT community are vastly different, however, through story sharing, universities can foster environments in which discourse about identity can help cultivate better the campus leaders. As we prepare students for external leadership, are we telling our students to embrace these stories or ignore them? This workshop will approach leadership development and community organizing through three different lenses: the student, the staff, and the university.



  • Define and describe their own identities.

  • Apply the knowledge they gain concerning their identities to other aspects of their lives, and learn to relate their own experiences with others.

  • Build upon their understanding of the LGBT community, connect these understandings to their own ethnic/racial identities and relate to all of these communities on different levels.

  • Formulate a deeper understanding of leadership and opportunities of collaboration with campus and community organizations.


Beyond Basics: Taking Campus Programming from Good to Great

As a student leader you find yourself with a unique opportunity on campus to take the lead on planning and implementing a major event on campus - but where do you ever begin?!  Being organized and starting on time are a part of that process, however, understanding a few key strategies will lead to success prior to the start of your event. Beyond Basics provides participants an opportunity to learn  write critically about creating dynamic experiences when planning events for their respective campus, including elements of evaluation, assessment, strategic planning (including department and university alignment), and marketing. 



  • Provide a space to discuss a deeper understanding of creating campus programs with purpose, whether it is for student organizations, residence life, or greek and social fellowship organizations.

  • Analyze initiatives and programming for your term as a student leader.

  • Discuss the importance of the evaluation and assessment process in campus programming.

  • Identify elements of a successful program or event, based on dynamics of unique campus cultures.


Learning Your Leadership Style: Finding Direction with The Leadership Compass Inventory

Audre Lorde said “when I dare to be powerful—to use my strength in the service of my vision, then it becomes less and less important whether I am afraid.” One key to effective leadership is to be flexible in your work style and receptive to others whose styles differ from your own. Leaders are not good at everything, so the need to bring together people with different styles and talents is paramount. The Leadership Compass assessment provides participants a tool for understanding how they approach work and how it can differ from others’. The Leadership Compass draws from a Native American Indian–based practice called the Medicine Wheel or the Four-Fold Way. In the Four-Fold Way, the four directions are described as warrior (north), healer (south), teacher (west), and visionary (east).

This workshop will help participants delve deeper into how to work collaboratively across leadership styles while building on the Leadership Compass framework to allow individual participants to dig deeper in their perceptions of self and team, through guided discussions and interactive activities. 



  • Operationalize vocabulary and a way of thinking about our own contributions while working in team environments.

  • Reflect on our own individual work styles and areas for growth.

  • Discuss the implications of working across different styles to deepen the appreciation for collaboration.

  • Discuss qualities that can assist in leadership development based on each cardinal direction.

#BRANDINGOVEREVERYTHING: Strategizing Your Campus Organization's Brand

Branding is a marketing term that refers to a collection of ideas and images that represent a product, company or some other kind of economic entity. It is important because it serves to help people connect a symbol, name or image with an organization. When we think about branding, we often think about large companies or famous celebrities. However, branding is just as critical for campus organizations. Defining and preserving an organization’s brand is essential to success: It is how the campus community will perceive your organization, it gives first impressions, and it helps cultivate relationships.

 #BRANDINGOVEREVERYTHING helps identify the unique challenges that campus organizations, new or established, face when it comes to strategizing the direction of an organization under new leadership. Remember, there’s always work to be done to increase the reach your organization. This workshop will allow attendees to work through their intentions for their respective campus organizations, as well as begin crafting a brand statement that speaks to the vision and mission of their organization. 



  • Identify what makes a brand successful.

  • Analyze your campus organization and its current offerings, including programs, membership, potential for growth, and campus climate.

  • Craft an intentional brand for your campus organization that fits the unique dynamics of your campus.

  • Discuss the importance of branding to your organization and the communities you serve.

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Potential workshop topics:

Shawn is also available to facilitate a workshop at your next retreat, conference,  on:

  • strengths-based approach (personal, team, and organizational)

  • Mindfulness and energy work

  • Leadership Styles

  • Student Advocacy and Empowerment

  • Team Dynamics and Effective Communication

  • Branding Strategies: Personal or Organizational

  • graphic design basics (Design theory, Adobe Creative Suite) 

Don’t see the topic you were hoping for? Contact Shawn and he will work with you to design a workshop or training opportunity to fit your needs!